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Toothache Remedies: 37 Natural Home Remedies for Toothaches

Just as it is important to have first aid kits at home in case of an accident, it is also necessary to have some natural toothache remedies put in place in the home. Emergency dental service is something that should be present in all homes.
Ever suffered sudden toothaches? Believe me; they can be very unbearable. Too much that it can prevent you from running to your dentist for a solution. Having known and understood all this, we have decided to put together a list of natural home toothache remedies to help you control the pain or even get rid of the toothaches entirely.

However, these toothache remedies may not be all you need; we strictly advise that you contact a trained professional dentist once in a while for medical checkups as we do not give professional medical advice but tips which are products of our experience and the numerous research we have made.

What is A toothache?

A toothache or tooth pain is a pain that disturbs within a tooth. It begins from either the gum or bone structures surrounding the tooth. A toothache sometimes occurs from temperature changes or pressure. It can be as a result of exposure to cold drinks or pressure while chewing. However, toothaches can sometimes happen without any of the factors mentioned above.

Why use Natural Toothache Home Remedies?

Most people do not have the time to go to the hospital owing to their business schedule. As a result, they opt for home remedies for their toothache rather than going to a dentist.
Furthermore, some people believe in natural remedies just like my grandma; they believe that natural remedies are the best since it comes from nature.
Some people just gets scared of going to a dentist with the fear that the whole process may be painful and expensive. They can't bear the pain of having their tooth extracted as well as they are scared of the massive bill that might be presented by the dentist. As a result, they sought for natural home toothache remedies.

Whatever your reason may be for having so much interest in natural home remedies for a toothache, it is also important that you visit a dentist once in a while for a professional attention. Checkout our compiled list of some researched and tested natural home remedies for dealing with a toothache.

Toothache Remedies: 37 Natural Home Remedies for  Toothaches

1. Avocado

Get some seeds of avocado and grind them until you obtain a powder from it. Now apply the powder to the infected tooth and cover with a cotton wool. This method is not to be used by pregnant women.
Avocado is one of the nice remedies for a toothache as it contains antioxidants that help fight and prevent toothaches.

2. Bayberry 

This is another effective remedy for tooth pain. Only grind some bayberries, stir together with vinegar to form a paste, now apply this to the affected tooth.

3. Nutmeg oil

Simply place a drop of nutmeg oil on a cotton wool and apply it to gum area around the affected tooth. Repeat this several times daily. This toothache remedy is not as popular as some other remedies listed here, but it is effective as well.

4. Turmeric

Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder and water to form a paste. Apply the paste to your affected tooth using a cotton ball. You can as well make some turmeric supplements or eat the raw turmeric. Turmeric has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that aid sooth pains of tooth pain.

5. Myrrh

Get a teaspoon of powdered myrrh and mix with two cups of water and then simmer for thirty minutes. Allow it cool off for some minutes. Now mix one teaspoon of the solution with half cup of water and rinse your mouth with it for 5-7 times daily.
Myrrh kills bacteria and reduces inflammation, thus, is one of the effective toothache remedies for tooth pain patients.

6. Acupressure

Using your thumb, press the area on the back of your hand where the base of your index finger and thumb meet. Do this for about two minutes to help release endorphins that relief pain. Alternatively, you can massage the same area with ice to get relief from the pain. Acupressure is NOT recommended for pregnant women

7. Painkillers

Ibuprofen and Aspirin are good pain killers to relief toothache pains that are not very severe. All medicines must be taken under the supervision of a doctor so do well to contact your doctor before taking such painkillers, as your doctor is responsible for giving you the dosage instructions.

8. Salt water

Get a glass of warm water and apply it, one tablespoon of salt. Allow the salt to dissolve into the water to form a solution. Take a mouth full of it, gargle and finally, spit it out.
This remedy is effective because salt cleans out the mouth. It removes the fluids that cause tooth pain and swelling

9. Hydrogen peroxide

Dilute this liquid with water, gargle it just like the salt water solution. You can as well gargle it without diluting. It possesses antibacterial qualities which get rid of bacteria that cause tooth decay, thus, causing toothache.

10. Alcohol

I believe this might sound new to you, but truly, alcohol is one of the good natural toothache remedies. Simply get some quantity of scotch, whiskey, brandy or vodka. Swish a bit of it and this will aid kill germs and get rid of toothaches. Alternatively, apply this liquid directly to the affected tooth using a cotton ball.

11. Wheatgrass Juice

Chew some quantity of wheat grass or blend out the juice from wheatgrass and rinse your mouth with it. Wheatgrass has an anti-bacterial property that helps get rid of tooth decay and brings relief to toothache patients.

12. Vanilla extract

Get a quantity of Vanilla extract, apply it to the Painfull tooth using a cotton ball. Vanilla extract is said to contain a little amount of alcohol. Since alcohol is a natural toothache remedy, then the vanilla extract is sure to help fight bacteria that causes tooth pain.

13. Tea tree oil:

Mix some drops of tea tree oil into a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with the mixture or apply the oil directly to the affected tooth without mixing with water, using a cotton wool. Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory, and some sought of antiseptic properties that help get rid of swelling in the gums, calms nerves and also penetrate deep into the tooth to fight and kill bacteria that causes toothaches.

14. Oil of Oregano

Mix some drops of this with a little quantity of olive oil or warm water. Apply the mixture to the infected tooth using a cotton ball.

15. Apple cider vinegar

Just like tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial and inflammatory properties. The acidic properties included in it aids to kill bacteria causing tooth pain. To administer this remedy, soak a cotton ball into some quantity of apple cider vinegar and apply to the affected tooth.

16. Ginger root

Simply chew some pieces of fresh ginger root. Ginger is an effective toothache remedy, it contains anti-bacterial properties and helps fight and prevents swelling in the gum.

17. Peppermint leaves

This toothache remedy can be administered in three different forms. You can either chew the fresh peppermint leaves or hold some dried peppermint leaves against the affected tooth. Also, you can prepare tea out of the peppermint leaves by adding one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves to a cup of warm water and steep for 20 minutes. Allow the tea to cool and then rinse your mouth with it and spit it out. Keep doing this regularly to speed up the healing process

18. Potato

Get a slice of potato and hold inside your cheek against the affected tooth. Alternatively, mash the potatoes and mix with sea salt and then apply to the painful tooth.
Potatoes possess anti-inflammatory properties. They absorb excess moisture and helps reduce swelling.

19. Lime

Get a lime, apply a slice of it directly into the affected tooth and bite to release the juice. Lime contains vitamin C, which helps the immune system to fight against bacteria and infection. Lime also contains citric acid that helps reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria that causes tooth pain.

20. Onion

To get rid of toothaches, you have to do a lot more than just adding some balls of onions to your meals. Onions is a powerful natural home toothache remedy as it contains antiseptic and anti-microbial properties that aid relieve the pain that comes from toothaches. Chew a piece of fresh onion for some minutes; you can alternatively hold it inside your mouth and bite to release the juice. Repeat this remedy regularly.

21. Plantain

Plantain leaves are very medicinal and as such, prevents toothaches because of such properties. Simply chew the fresh plantain leaves to make a paste, then place and hold the dough against the affected tooth

22. Cucumber

Mash cucumber together with salt and place against the painful tooth. Remember cold temperature can stimulate a toothache, so it is advisable you use cucumber which is not chilled to avoid worsening the situation. Cucumber possesses some anti-oxidants and soothing properties that make reduction of a toothache an easy task.

23. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper is one of the many effective toothache remedies. Capsaicin is contained in cayenne pepper; it is a natural pain reliever that can be of great help to tooth pain patients. Grind a few amount of cayenne peppers, apply water to it to form a paste or mix equal quantities of the cayenne powder and ginger with apple cider vinegar to make a paste. Now apply any of the paste directly to the affected tooth where the ache is coming.

24. Black pepper

Simply mix some amount of black pepper and water to form a paste, apply the paste to the painful tooth and hold for some minutes. Pepper possess anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties which aids relieve the pains that come from a toothache.

25. Baking soda

Get a tablespoon of baking soda, mix with a glass of warm water and swish the mixture in your mouth. You can alternatively apply alone; the baking soda to the affected tooth using a cotton ball.

26. Cloves

This has been one of the old toothache remedies, a natural home remedy that has been used by old timers. Make a thick paste using ground cloves and either water or olive oil. Do well to add clove oil but be sure not to add much of it as it can be toxic. Alternatively, hold a clove against the tooth and then bite it to extract the juice.
Cloves contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anesthetic properties. They contain antioxidants that fight and kill bacteria.

27. Lipton Tea

Make a cup of tea from a Lipton tea bag. Now stick the warm Lipton tea bag in your mouth ensuring that your teeth do not tear the bag. Tea leaves naturally contain tannins which help reduce pains and swelling.

28. Ice pack

This is one of the easy-to-administer toothache remedies. It is a common one as well. Simply cover an ice pack with a clothing material or towel and then hold it over your cheek where the painful tooth is. If this doesn't work well, then use the hot compress method where you use hot water instead of the icepack.
While using the ice pack, ensure that cloth serves as the boundary between the ice pack and your skin. Avoid direct contact of the ice pack and your skin; it can lead to severe skin damage.

29. Garlic

You can either use garlic alone or together with sea salt. To use it alone, simply crush a clove of it and place and hold it inside your cheek, against the affected tooth where the pain is coming. If you have some sea salt available, crush a clove of garlic and mix with sea salt to make a paste, then apply to the affected tooth

30. Asafetida

Grind asafoetida to make a powder. Add a pinch of the powder to lemon juice. Stir very well and warm for some minutes. Finally, apply the mixture to the affected tooth using a cotton ball. Alternatively, fry asafetida in butter and implement the paste to the painful tooth.

31. Guava leaves

Guava leaves are an excellent remedy for toothaches. Boil some leaves of guava, maybe 6 to 10. Add some pinch of salt when the water becomes warm. Rinse your mouth with this every morning. You can as well chew these leaves without boiling. Fresh guava leaves are anti-bacterial, and they heal gums and mouth sores. They bring relief to toothache patients.

32. Salt and Pepper

Make a paste by mixing equal quantities of salt and pepper, apply this mixture to the painful tooth and leave it for some minutes. Since pepper is antibacterial and salt prevents swelling, then this mixture is an effective toothache remedy.

33. Spinach leaves

Just like guava leave, spinach is also another important toothache remedy. Simply apply the procedure of guava leaves to that of spinach leaves.

34. Use Good Toothpaste

Keeping your tooth clean is imperative. So it is required you use the right toothpaste, using inappropriate, wrong or expired toothpaste may also result to the toothache that you have been suffering. Go for soft toothpaste and brush and do well to replace these often.

35. Be careful of what you eat and drink

As I mentioned earlier, a temperature may stimulate a toothache. If your teeth are sensitive, it is advisable that you avoid too hot or too cold foods. Avoid hot chocolates and freezing ice cream. Watching what you eat is an important natural home remedy for toothaches.

36. Brush your teeth Often

This is one of the home remedies for a toothache. Bacteria and germs form from leftover foods on our teeth and tends to generate tooth problem. As a result, you should always brush your teeth immediately after a meal; this will help in reducing the amount of germ and bacteria that intensify your tooth pain.

37. Avoid Foods with Phytic Acid

Dentists reveal that foods that contain high levels of phytic acid like seeds, grains, nuts, and legumes tend to increase toothaches. Limit the rate at which this food are consumed so as to get rid of tooth pain quickly.

Some Foods that Improves Dental health

  • Soft foods
  • Vitamin C and K
  • Cod liver oil
  • Yogurt
  • Green tea
  • Whole wheat
  • Water
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Leafy greens
  • Calcium
  • Raw fruits and vegetables

We may have heard the famous saying: ''Prevention is better than cure'' that said, let's take a quick view of the symptoms and causes of toothaches and how they can be prevented.

Symptoms of Toothaches

Below are some symptoms of toothaches. Do well to start applying the above listed natural home remedies whenever you start experiencing any of these symptoms
  • Mouth pain
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Fever and chills
  • Headache
  • Earache
  • Foul tasting discharge
  • Strains on the tooth and inflammation
  • Swallowing difficulty
  • Red or irritated gums

Causes of Toothaches

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth Fracture
  • Damaged filling
  • Repetitive motions such as chewing too much gum or grinding teeth
  • Infected gums
A detailed post will be written about the causes of a toothache and some remedies to control that. Do well to subscribe to our site to receive that update straight to your email.

Foods that Causes Tooth Decay

  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • White starches and grains

How can Toothaches Be Prevented?

You now know that tooth decay is one of the leading causes of tooth problem. That said, it is pertinent that you limit the intake of those foods which causes tooth decay. Good oral practices and hygiene will go a long way in keeping you safe from toothaches. Brush your teeth regularly with a toothpaste containing fluoride and finally, do well to see your dentist twice a year for professional medical advice.

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